About Ravine Capital

Simply put, we created Ravine Capital to find, acquire, and operate the next great business for years to come.

That starts with finding the right business and an owner considering an exit opportunity to pursue retirement, a new role, or even a new venture.

After the sale, we’ll take a direct management role in your business, with a commitment to its ongoing, long term success and preserving the legacy you’ve built.


We strive to take the baton from a successful business owner and give them peace of mind that their business will be in good hands for the next generation of leaders. We are 100% committed to buying and managing one business.

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In an ideal scenario, a business will demonstrate 3+ years of steady growth, 3+ years of profitability, a great workplace culture and recurring revenue from a diverse set of happy clients.

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It all starts with a relationship. In every scenario, we want to be helpful to business owners. 

We typically like to first hop on a call with business owners to learn more about them and their business. From there, we'll see where we can be helpful. Our motto is to "surround ourselves with good people, do good things and good things will happen."

Assuming we hit it off on our initial call, we'll sign a NDA with you and ask to learn more about your financials. This will help us determine if your business is a good fit for Ravine Capital to potentially purchase or if there's a better resource we can recommend for you.

Once we agree there's a fit for us to work together, we usually want to meet. There's only so much we can learn about each other over the phone. After connecting in person, every business will follow its own journey. The conversation can move as quickly or as slow as you want. We'll adjust our process to meet your needs.

In every case, the process starts with you. We'd love to connect.