Our Approach

Ravine Capital is committed to acquiring and operating one business based in the United States. We will devote all of our effort to finding the right business and ensuring its long-term success.

Our Investment Focus

Ravine works only with a select group of service-based businesses and owners based on several guiding principles:

Ownership Criteria

  • Owner seeking liquidity and/or exit – such as a retiring owner without a successor in place, an operator looking for a new role, or a serial entrepreneur ready for a new venture

  • Concentrated ownership

Financial Criteria

  • Revenue between $10M and $50M

  • Recurring revenue streams from loyal customers

  • Low ongoing capital expenditure needs

Business Criteria

  • Sustainable competitive position in a growing and/or niche industry

  • Past and clear future growth trajectory

  • Diverse and expanding customer base

  • Strong middle management team

Working with Ravine Capital

We confidentially and efficiently work with owners to find the right fit and build the right transaction.

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Your Advantage with Ravine Capital

We offer a different kind of exit for owners who are considering retirement or new ventures. After the sale, we intend to take a direct management role in your business, with a commitment to its ongoing success and carrying on your legacy.

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